Tokyo or New York?

Written by Anouk & Valérie

This is our first full day in Tokyo. The nightco already had a taste of Friday nights in Shibuya, as well as taking the first metro back to the hostel at 5:01.
After a light breakfast we traveled towards Ueno park where everyone could chose what to do: walk around the park and lake, visit Tokyo National museum, an art museum and some went to the Nature and Science Museum.
The afternoon was spent at the Senso-Ji temple and lunch ranged from KFC to Mos Burgers.
The night promised to be an amazing one with the Sumidagawa fireworks festival happening, but we were in for a nasty surprise. The crowds of people were crazyyy. Trying to find a spot for everyone was impossible. However enjoying our dinner on the ground wedged in between the Japanese in kimonos waiting for the fireworks to start, was an experience on its own. And for those who had never witnessed a firework show before, the professional fireworks (ranging from Pikachu shaped figurines to color changing/cascading/sky filling blasts) where truly mesmerising.