Hitting balls and dipping feet

Written by Wouter & leonard

The day started with a visit to Meiji Shrine that was surrounded by a big park. Especially because of the heat stroke alarm (again) the group enjoyed a walk through the shadows of the trees. From this place everyone had the afternoon free to explore Tokyo.
Few days after going to a professional baseball game some of us decided to go to a baseball batting range to try and see if it’s really that hard to hit the balls. We tried different speeds for the balls going from 70 to 130 km/h. Professionals throw the balls at speeds higher than 150 km/h. When leaving the batting range we could hear loud cheering next to us so we decided to investigate. It turns out there was a high-school baseball game going on so we joined for free. Surprisingly, thousands of people were watching. It turns out that high-school baseball is a massive thing in Japan.
Then we moved to teamLab Planets for a real immersive experience: walking through artwork. Some even more trippy than others. The rooms with mirrors on the floor, walls and ceiling made it look like you saw yourself in third person when looking up. Additionally, walked trough the fish projections in knee-deep water. The day ended with a drink on the embankment with a view of Tokyo skyline by night.