Free day: Exploring Nagoya and visiting DisneySea

Written by Harry & Pavél

After a good night, where everyone was able to show off their vocal skills, during the karaoke. Today it was a free-day, so everyone could make their own plans. Some people arranged a visit to the Nagoya institute of technology, some people went for a baseball match, a group of people went for DisneySea, while there were also some people recovering from the night before. We (Harry and Pavel) went both to DisneySea so we will be talking about our amazing experience. First we took the Shinkansen from Nagoya to Tokyo. Tokyo station was absolutely huge and it took us a while to get to the metro. We arrived with the metro and immediately we saw all the beautiful buildings and structures of Disneyland. We then took the Toy Story themed monorail to DisneySea. DisneySea was made for Japanese peope to be able to experience countries from around the world without actually going there. It contained some classic attractions like the tower of terror, but also had a lot of new ones like the Soaring attraction. The first attraction we experienced was the Journey to the Center of the Earth based on the novel by Jules Verne. The attraction was located inside a huge volcano. Even though the waiting time was pretty long (90 minutes), the ride was exhilarating. After a lot of other rides we got to see the end show, which included fountains, lights, music, boats and fireworks. Lastly it was time to take the Shinkansen back to the hostel, with all the experiences fresh in mind.