Last supper

Written by Bram & Mayke

Today is one of the rare days where we could sleep in a little. To celebrate that, we started off with some all you can drink karaoke. Bram accidentally booked a private room at a different karaokebar, but after we promised he would get to sing his own songs he eventually got his money back and came to the correct location. Around 4:00 everyones singing/drinking desires were settled, high scores were reached and everyone got to the hostel for a beauty sleep.
We traveled to NICT, the institute where our supervisor Simon has spent 6 months during his PhD. We got three tours at NICT, where during one we got to see an atomic clock, which is used for determining JST (Japanese Standard Time) and we learned how and why atomic time and astronomical time have a 37 second difference.
This day also concluded our days in Tokyo and therefore we enjoyed a hotpot dinner with all of us together. Being the only vegetarian, Mayke has experienced some troubles in finding food in Japan the past week, however this evening the tables were slightly turned since it took quite a while for the rest to get food while Mayke was happily chomping away. However luckily the drinks were included and we were entertained by beautiful speeches of whoever dared to stand up.