Finding rare Dutch hills in Japan

Written by Andreas & Morgan

This morning we went to the Dutch embassy, which is located on Holland Hills, yes the Netherlands actually has some hills. We had some nice reflections about the differences in cultures we found. We were taught on what the Dutch embassy does in Japan and who to contact if we lost our passport. Which suprisingly was the police since the chances are high it will be found and given back to you. One of the participants even experienced this already.
Afterwards we had a quick lunch before visiting Tokyo Institute of Technology. Here we saw some Integrated circuits, electromechanics, OLED, quantum sensors, solar cells and high power DC converters in the Power Electronics lab. As a break we were able to see their newest super computer which is the most energy efficient super computer. It uses 800 kW which is as much as 3000 Dutch households per second. And it uses only 5% of this power in cooling. While their previous models used 30% of the consumed energy.Afterwards we visited the Shibuya district. Here we could have a look at the famous Shibuya crossing from either the actual crossing or from far and above in the many high rise buildings providing cool view points. We ended our night in the Shibuya Sky building where we saw even more spectacular views of the city. With this district having so many small bars, most of us will actually not close off their day until tomorrow morning.