Tokyo out

Written by Stan & Zabiollah

After waking up, packing my bags and checking out from the hostel, it was necessary that the group found a supermarket or convenience store to secure both breakfast and lunch. Breakfast, because the hostel only provided water, bread and a concoction that could only be called soup in the most broad definition of that term, and lunch, because there would not be any time today to get it anywhere else.

The next stop on our trip was the materials science company DOW. To get to their office, we took the Tokyo monorail, which provided is with great views, but was also slightly bumpy. Overall a 8/10 traveling experience.

After a slight struggle with the coffee machines at Dow, it was finally time for us to familiarise ourselves with this company, and what working there entails. In what capacity I can disclose it in this blog is however not clear, so we will skip that for now.

Before this blog continues first a new entry on the Conbini Fried Chicken Tierlist also refered to as the (CFC list).

Coming in at a S-tier, the cream of the crop:

  1. Lawson – all chicken great (mostly referring to the spicy chicken/red spice variant)
  2. New Family Mart – Habanero Chicken (Chicken is fine, but spice mix alone, straight bussin’).

Then coming in at a fair B-tier, which will get the job done.
1.  7/11 – The standard spicy chicken

Last we got F-tier, for the most atrocious concoctions you could imagine:

  1. Family Mart – everything excluding the habanero variant.
  2. New Daily Yamazaki – straight up worst chicken.

now we continue onto the blog:

After our immaculate and exhilarating visit at DOW, we went back to our hotel to quickly get our luggage for we are heading to Nikko!

Nikko will be our last stop, and from the pictures it looks great so I could feel the excitement. It would be nice to get to see a rural area after the amount of big cities.

However the trip for me wasn’t so smooth mostly because the wheels on my suitcase went from 4 functional wheels all the way down to 1.

Luckily after some ingenious engineering, by putting my suitcase on top of Jos’s. I’ only had to deadlift my suitcase over crossings and ledges.

After the train trip to Nikko, I treated myself to some fine dining, a microwaveable karee rice from the 7/11.

The 8 of us sharing the room decided to watch The Hangover in the livingroom of the appartment. After which I called it a night.