Osaka day 2: From semi-condutors to whale sharks

Written by Harry & Wouter

2 days after the flight and no jetlag right? Well, after a night of drinks and karaoke, the group had to eat and refresh before 8:25. It was time to take the metro and head for Osaka Metropolitan University. Osaka has an excellent metro system with unique stamps available at every station. You guessed it: we almost lost half the group getting a stamp at a metro station. After a stroll through the burning sun, we were greeted by the people from the departments of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering and Physics and Electronics. We attended lectures about edge computing and semi-conductors. The students gave us a tour through the labs where research is conducted on optics and electronics. This is where they spend the most time during their study.
After visiting the Osaka university it was time to grab some lunch. We had one hour time to find ourselves some food on the way back to the train station. This is where we learned that it will take considerably more time to get good food from a restaurant. I with a group of fifteen people found a small restaurant with some amazing food. I (Harry) even played some piano for the owner’s birthday. Since, most people were going to be late at the train station, it was decided for everyone to travel separately to the aquarium, which would be our next visit. The aquarium was simply amazing, It was gigantic, with all fish imaginable. We saw some seals, dolphins and penguins getting fed. There was also an octopus getting bullied by some fish. And many more fish to talk about, but I believe there are plenty of pictures taken to show all of them. After finishing our visit to the aquarium we had one last item on our program and that was the Ferris wheel next to the aquarium. Everyone was brave enough to take the ride, including the people afraid of height (no names revealed). Next it was time for dinner so everyone split up to hunt for the best foods. Some people strolled around the mall and some people went back to find something near the hostel. This is where we caught back up to reality, so can’t tell you about the future, but I am sure some people will go out and find some amazing bars and have some great experiences.