Three, Two, One, Go… Japan here we go!

Written by Mihai & Anne

Hi all, 

Today it was the first day of the Denryu StudyTrip 2023. After the long hours spent traveling to arrive to Japan, the group experience their first japanese adventure: a full japanese breakfast. Delicious! Afterwards, in order to get used to the different time zone, everybody had a free day. Initially the plan was to go to pet capybaras at the Tennoji Zoo but sadly the only day when it was closed was today. Thus, some people went to observe Osaka from one of the highest point: Umeda Sky building; while others decided to go an visit the Minoh falls, while others decided to just relax for the day. As people started to enjoy more and more the time spent here, the group was exposed to their second japanese adventure: the japanese heavy rain. After some of them ran for their life and others came all the way to Japan to get some rain, this small impediment did not stop the group from continuing their full experience in the country who gave birth to sushi and drifting. The night ended with a nice Japanese dinner ranging from sushi to some more local hidden gems know only by locals and with a big party celebration for the 26th birthday of our dear Quinten.  

For stories regarding the birthday party and if/how we reached back the hostel and how it is to celebrate you birthday 13 000 km away from home, stay tuned for the next blog of Denryu 2023 coming up tomorrow evening.