Too many things to do, not enough time

Written by Valérie & Pavel

Today was a free day according to our planner. Since some people went out and had a very good time enjoying the nightlife of Osaka yesterday, sleeping in this morning was very common. Some people even skipped breakfast. Personally I (Valérie), wanted to check out one of the many shopping malls around here for the famous Uniqlo store. Afterwards we stumbled upon an 11 floor amusement center with all games you can ever think of. Including three floors with sports like baseball, tennis, archery, darts, and soccer. There was a casino floor, karaoke, multiple floors with bowling, and the rest of the floors had all the arcade games you can think of. The lights and sounds were quite overwhelming. But the Spocha is definitely a fun experience.

Some others went to Kobe where they went to the zoo “Animal Kingdom”. At the zoo they saw animals like the magnificent tiger, pet the unbelievably cute capibaras (which were engaged in some not really cute stuff) and saw Oogway reincarnate. Others in Kobe went shopping and walked around Chinatown. There they had meat buns, sesame balls and dumplings. In the evening a few guys and me (Pável) went to the number one rated Kobe beef restaurant where we had A/5/12 rated Kobe beef. It was mind-blowing. The steak just melted in your mouth and tasted absolutely amazing. It was also pretty expensive, but I will cope by saying it was worth it. Overall it can be said that even though everyone did their own stuff, everyone had fun on our free day.