Tokyo triple A’s: from AIST to Akihabara to Asakusa.

Written by Sanne & Mihai

Today we finally learned what ReisCo meant when they said the company visits would include a lot of travel time. Since it would cost us so much time to go to AIST with public transport, we got a direct, private bus and it still took us more than an hour to get there. But all the travel was definitely worth it, as we learned a lot about their research on Photonics.
After some introductory talks about co-packaging and optical networks, we got a tour of their labs. Here we saw some very low latency technology, which makes sure that video calling has less of a delay, and even 3D 4K video went through without noticeable delay.
After a nice lunch, the bus brought us back home, so we could change to something more casual, ready to explore Akihabara.
In Akihabara the group explored the famous buzzing shopping streets, trying to get a grasp of what the capital of Japan has to offer, from electronics to manga, anime, and video games. Some of us finally got our dream anime figurine while others started already searching for souvenirs for the people at home.
After the lousy streets, it was time for dinner where some groups decided to continue eating Japanese while others feeling a bit homesick decided to test the Tokyo dürüm.
Tomorrow the Denryu StudyTrip team will face a new challenge: waking up the earliest on this trip to visit two companies. Stay tuned tomorrow to see how the adventure went.