Ori Ori Ori, that’s a lot of Torii!

Written by Bram & Sanne

After a short and rough night by the river of Kyoto, we headed to Fushimi-Inari shrine in the morning for a hike up the mountains.

This particular shrine is known for its many torii (red gates) and beautiful roads.

Even though the temperature and humidity, were very high, the torii and bamboo and trees kept us cool whilst walking up the stairs towards the top of the mountain.

During the track up the mountain there were several small shrines and we got a beautiful view of the city. At the top of the mountain we were rewarded with seeing the shrine and getting an energy boost because of the nice view.

With this renewed energy we were ready for lunch and our next journey of the Shinkansen!

We had lunch at a very small shop which served the best udon noodles we ever had.

Now our trip to Fukuoka commenced with a trip using the Shinkansen and eating a bento box. The bento box is a traditional lunch in Japan, and the Shinkansen is a train which goes 300 km/h with an acceleration of 3 km/s! But, enough with the nerd facts. We had a very nice and tranquil travel towards Fukuoka, at which we arrived around 21:30.

After checking in to the hotel, we explored the neighbourhood a little bit before getting a good rest, ready to discover what the city has the offer properly tomorrow!

じゃあね, Bram and Sanne!