All good things come to an end

Written by Thimo & Andreas

Today we departed from our relaxed appartments in Nikko and took the train to return back to the busy city of Tokyo. Here we had free time to roam around for a last time, buy some last minute gifts or make use of an onsen. It was a surreal feeling to realize that this would be our last lunch in Japan after this whole month! Besides this, it is also one of the last moments we as a group will be together. We started off as a big group of different years and levels, but ended as a unity where the whole bunch from youngest to supervisor could go for a drink together.
When time came, we took a private bus to Narita airport. Here, the experiences did not end as 12 of us were on standby for the second flight. Still uncertain about the situation, we waited for a few hours until it was time for our flight at 23:00 local time towards Dubai airport.
Ones arrived in Dubai, we eventually got informed that we were all seated and for most of us even with extra leg space near the emergency exit (so probably they wanted to wait for people to spend money on those seats, but that’s just a theory).
So luckily, we can end the journey without any troubles. We are planning on fully ending it with a drink in our bar “Het Walhalla”, but then our journey and these stories come to and end.
Some of use will meet again in the future, some won’t, but we have a shared memory of a beautiful trip that will always keep us connected🇯🇵